Should You Brush Your Teeth Before Going to the Dentist

If you have a dental appointment coming up, you may be wondering if you should brush your teeth before going to the dentist. Some people think that there is no point to brushing their teeth because the whole point of a dental cleaning is to, well, clean the teeth; and may just leave it to the dentist to brush and polish up the teeth.

However, it’s actually strongly recommended to brush and floss your teeth before arriving at the dentist’s office for a couple of reasons. First, brushing and flossing before coming to the dentist can help remove surface stains and residual food particles trapped in between teeth which can help maximize the cleaning benefits of a deep dental cleaning. Removing surface stains can help whitening agents penetrate more deeply into teeth and allow for a whiter, more vibrant smile post cleaning.

Brushing your teeth before going to the dentist can also help reduce the time needed for your dentist to clean your teeth. Though it won’t get rid of hard stuck on tartar and plaque, gentle brushing and flossing before arriving can certainly help your dentist spend more time cleaning the areas of your teeth that need it most rather than wasting time on superficial stains and easy to remove plaque. It also allows your dentist to notice cavities and other problem areas in your mouth more easily if food particles and surface stains are removed.

The last reason why you should probably brush your teeth before going to the dentist is to simply help build up your own confidence and to at least show your dentist that you have been caring for your teeth. Of course, simply brushing and flossing before your dental appointment won’t fool your dentist into believing your teeth are perfect, especially if you’ve neglected proper dental hygiene for some period prior to your appointment. That’s why it’s important to be consistent when it comes to caring for your teeth everyday, not just when you have an appointment coming up.

Brush Teeth Before Dental Cleaning

Brushing your teeth twice daily are extremely important, regardless if you have a dental cleaning coming up or not. However, it’s also very important to brush your teeth before a dental cleaning to help remove residual food particles and to make your dental cleaning as effective as possible. This can help reduce the amount of time you’re sitting in a dentist’s chair, and can help your dentist focus more time on problem areas that need care and attention the most.

Some other things you should also do before coming in for a dental cleaning is flossing your teeth to help remove food that may be trapped in between teeth, as well as using a mouth wash to help kill off some bacteria. Doing these things can help make your dental cleaning go smoothly! For more information on dental cleaning please visit our office at Royal Dental Care, 287 School St, Suite 120 Mansfield, MA 02048, (508) 938-9055.